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Simple video production at an affordable price.

Looking for a videographer to film your event? Or, need a videographer to capture raw footage as part of a larger production? Tiny AV is simple and straightforward.

  • Raw Footage Included
  • High-quality 4K Video
  • Optional Basic Editing
  • Experienced Team
  • Free 30-mins Setup
  • Quick Turnaround

Need a touch of drone, or maybe photography?

Did you know Tiny AV also offers Photography Services? You can multi-purpose your video production and get some great photos for your website or social media. Check out our Drone Services.

  • Multi-type Coverage
  • Increase Crew Size
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Single Vendor Contact
  • Configurable Shoot
  • Direct as Desired

Two Options for Video Delivery.

Raw Unedited Footage

By default, all video we shoot will be compressed and delivered to you. Our cameras typically shoot very high bitrates, so we deliever ~40 mbps unless requesting specially uncompressed camera raw.

Raw · Included by Default

Delivered Digitally · Online

Basic Cleanup Editing

Basic editing includes simple color correction, audio mixing, and light trimming. This makes your video immediately ready-to-watch.

Optional Cleanup Editing

Delivered Digitally · Online

What's the difference?

Basic editing is a quick polish that combines raw files into a single long-form ("documentary-like") video, with light trimming. It is immediately playable.

How long will my video footage be?

Raw footage includes everything we shoot. Actual length varies by event or production. Basic editing combines all footage into a single long-form video, with light trimming (de-duplicating footage, removing camera adjustments, etc.) This makes your video immediately ready-to-watch in documentary-like format — basic editing is not a "highlight reel" and is not set to music.

Yes. You can forward footage to another editor, or request a quote from our sister brand Vanilla Video. Vanilla Video is a full-service video production company that can assist with editing and post-production services.

Not directly. But all Tiny AV projects are accessible by our sister brand and team at Vanilla Video which can assist with montage or highlight videos.

Only through our sister brand Vanilla Video. Tiny AV has been designed for zero contact, low cost, and fast turnaround. If your project needs advanced or custom editing, please contact Vanilla Video for more information.

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