We do small event photo, video & audio visuals.

Prices below $500 for photographers, videographers, sound engineers and display / speaker setups.

Stupid Cheap Pricing

We do it tiny. By Vanilla Video.

Say Hello to Your Little Friend

Basic coverage for personal & business events made easy.

Transparent Pricing

With upfront payment, standardized pricing and ability to customize: you control the entire budget. Spend as little or as much what you want.

Expedient Service

We respond pretty quickly, unless your email goes into our spam folder, but we will surely apologize profusely if that happens to your email.

Book & Forget

Once paid, you're booked. Make a change if you need to, but otherwise our specialists show up on-time, so you can forget about us until then.

Highly Experienced

Our specialists have 5 years of know how; they have been to hundreds of events, and "been there, done that" many times. It is routine for us.

Fast Turnaround

Photos and videos are processed immediately, because we ain't got time to wait around. If you need editing, let us know afterwards.

Nothing Fancy

What's there to talk about? You need a photographer, or videographer? Oh and you don't want to spend hardly anything? Great, see our pricing.

We get it, you have a budget and want to spend less. #cheap

Inexpensive videographers and affordable photographers for events. Audio visual setups for small & micro events.

Top Rated
9 Years
In Business

Raw Photos = Unedited Photography

You will receive all the photos we capture in both RAW and JPG format directly from the camera. Direct from our memory card to download link, there are no frills and no extra processing.

Raw Video = Unedited Videography

You will receive all of the video clips we capture, direct from our camera to a download link. There are no frills, no editing, and nothing special — just pure vanilla video as it was shot.

Keeping it Tiny Since 2011

Think Simple & Move On

Schedule a TinyAV photographer, videographer and / or sound engineer. Then get back to more important things, like planning your event and running your business.

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