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Portrait Photography

Visual personality. Our team creates timeless, expressive portraits, from professional headshots and family portraits, or individual sessions.


Candid Photography

Genuine and spontaneous moments — the authenticity of life captured in beautiful photography without script, without posing.


Aerial Photography

From breathtaking aerial landscapes to architectural masterpieces, enjoy the beauty and grandeur of our surroundings from above.


Event Photography

With a blend of candid shots and artful compositions, we ensure that every smile, laughter, and heartfelt interaction is beautifully preserved.


Two Options for Photo Delivery.

Raw Unedited Photos

By default, all photos we shoot will be delivered as camera RAW files. Plus, high-quality jpeg versions for easy viewability. That way, you have full-control over post-processing while being able to view them.

Raw · Included by Default

Delivered Digitally · Online

Basic Cleanup Editing

We sift through all the photos, curating and selecting the best shots. Then, we do basic cleanup editing — color correction, exposure adjustments, and cropping. We'll still send you the RAW + Config files for your own editing.

Optional Cleanup Editing

Delivered Digitally · Online

What's the difference?

Basic editing for photos involves curating the best shots, and editing them for color, exposure, and cropping. This is the most common type of editing that most people are familiar with. But either way, you will still receive the RAW files for your own editing.

Professional photo cameras shoot in a special format called "RAW". This is a special file format that contains more data from the camera sensor, allowing for the most flexibility in editing. With basic editing, we also send you the Raw + Adobe Lightroom files, which are the settings we used in editing.

No — Tiny AV is designed to be a simple, easy, and affordable way to get a photographer for your event or production. If you need to, you can submit notes and our photographers will do their best to accommodate.

Yes, but there are no pre-planning meetings or calls (to keep our pricing low and affordable.) We do our best to accommodate notes and shot lists; and, because we have 5,000+ completed projects, we'll be able to handle it.

Yes, but we cannot handle studio scheduling. If you do prefer working in a studio, book your own using Peerspace. If you require a backdrop contact Vanilla Video for a custom order. We can do headshots / portraits at your location, a location of your choosing, or environmental portraits.

Tiny AV is designed to be a simple, easy, and affordable way to get a photographer for your event or production. If you need something more tailored to your needs, please contact Vanilla Video for a custom order.


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Need a little variety?

Tiny AV offers a variety of services.


Video Production

Add a little video to your next project.

Videography Services

Drone Operations

Add a new perspective, from above.

Drone Services

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